Anderson Consulting Engineers, Inc. (ACE) is a water resources engineering consulting firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado providing a full range of water resources services since 1988, originally operating under the corporate name of Lidstone & Anderson, Inc. Anderson Consulting Engineers has emphasized servicing governmental clients at all levels, including municipalities, counties, states, federal agencies; we also serve several private clients.

ACE has 13 registered Professional Engineers, with most senior staff registered in several states and six of our engineers are Certified Floodplain Managers (CFMs). ACE’s staff also includes a full complement of technical support personnel including three comprehensively-trained, knowledgeable, and dedicated GIS specialists and CAD designers.

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Our professional staff possess a wide variety of skills and expertise giving us the proven capability to conduct a wide array of multi-disciplinary projects. Our staff includes specialists in hydraulics, hydrology, geomorphology, river mechanics, sediment transport, hydraulic structure and civil design, large-scale irrigation system evaluation and design, water supply studies, basin planning, water quality design, and GIS system design and programming. The variety of collected experience allows ACE to complete projects related to the disciplines listed below.

Hydraulics and HydrologyFloodplain StudiesFlood Control/Civil DesignLevee/Floodwall & Dam/ReservoirStormwater ManagementIrrigation EngineeringStream Restoration & Watershed StudiesGeographic Information Systems (GIS)
Most studies and projects completed by Anderson Consulting Engineers include some form of hydraulic modeling/analyses, as well as hydrologic analyses\modeling. These technical specialties have been the cornerstone of our engineering practice during our staff’s more than 25 year history in water resources engineering consulting. Our engineering staff is widely recognized for their expertise in hydraulics and hydrology, both as primary functions of a study and as supporting disciplines for larger projects.On a daily basis we conduct numerous projects in the areas of: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling / Analyses.
Anderson Consulting Engineers’ staff experience includes the completion of literally hundreds of floodplain studies in variety of settings, including the preparing of Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) and Flood Insurance Studies (FIS) for the delineation of FEMA-compliant flood hazard zones related to riverine flooding. These studies have included the application of HEC-RAS (both state-state and unsteady flow), FLO-2D and HEC-2. (more…)
Anderson Consulting Engineers routinely conducts projects involving the planning, conceptual design, final design, and construction of large and small flood control structures, water control and supply structures, erosion and sediment control structures and bridges. Project experience includes feasibility studies, conceptual design, final design, and development of construction plans, specifications, and construction documents. For many projects, staff members provided engineering services and/or construction supervision for installation of hydraulic structures, storm sewer, irrigation structures / facilities, and general civil improvements. ACE provides flood control , drainage, and civil design services for Storm Sewers/Detention Ponds/Culverts, Hydraulic Structures, General Civil/Drainage Design.
Anderson Consulting Engineers has combined its expertise in the technical fields of hydrology, hydraulics, and erosion with a multi-disciplinary team to provide planning, design, and permitting services for clients with levees/floodwalls and dams/reservoirs. Anderson Consulting Engineers has a long history of completing complex projects with multiple objectives and often overlapping jurisdictional requirements as is the case with many levees/floodwalls and dams/reservoirs. ACE provides services in the following general areas: Levee/Floodwall Design, Levee/Floodwall Certification, and Dams and Reservoirs.
With over 20 years of continuous experience in completing stormwater management tasks, our history and experience in performing storm drainage master plan projects is unsurpassed. Completing a master plan that includes all basins in the focus area involves the development of a planning document that would meet the following objectives…(more…)
Anderson Consulting Engineers has developed an excellent working relationship with several irrigation companies through cost-effective and timely solutions to problems related to storage, conveyance, automation and efficiency. Additionally, ACE provides general irrigation engineering support to individual farmers, irrigation / ditch companies, and major irrigation districts, including those affiliated with USBR facilities and federal storage contracts (more…)
Anderson Consulting Engineers specializes in complex hydrologic and hydraulic investigations including basin/watershed planning, conservation planning, stream restoration, design of hydraulic structures, evaluation of channel hydraulics, river mechanics, erosion and sedimentation analysis, geomorphic design of stable channels and water rights investigations. (more…)
In order to better serve all of our clients, over the past 10 years Anderson Consulting Engineers has developed the specialized expertise required to provide the full range of services necessary to complete all specialized digital mapping and GIS projects. This has evolved from supporting engineering projects into GIS-centric projects, and GIS development work. (more…)