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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

In order to better serve all of our clients, over the past 10 years ACE has developed the specialized expertise required to provide the full range of services necessary to complete all specialized digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This has evolved from supporting engineering projects into GIS-centric projects, and GIS development work. Much of this project work has focused on database products for DFIRM map production and maintenance under FEMA’s Map Modernization Program, now known as RiskMap, including the development of custom tools to automate the process. Anderson Consulting Engineers has also been involved in the development of custom tools to allow non-GIS users to interact with their spatial data, and assist with decision-making.

Geographic Information Systems services offered by ACE include:

  • Quality cartographic design;
  • Geodatabase design and implementation;
  • Spatial data editing and management;
  • Custom tool development with ArcObjects, C#/VB.NET, ASP.NET, Python, Javascript, Google Maps, or Adobe Flex/AIR.

A typical project example of ACE’s GIS services is the Casper Alcova Irrigation District GIS. This project entailed: (a) the inventory and evaluation of system infrastructure for a district covering over 23,000 irrigated acres, (b) rehabilitation planning, and (c) incorporation of the data into a comprehensive GIS. A highlight of the project was the development of Version 2 of ACE’s Irrigation Geodatabase Tool (IGT), which incorporated numerous custom navigation and analysis tools developed for the irrigation district manager. In addition to the additional tool development, the IGT incorporated accessibility within the GIS to a Digital Library containing scanned documents, design drawings, and additional digital data.