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Hydraulic Modeling / Analyses

Anderson Consulting Engineers routinely utilizes a variety of hydraulic models and hydraulic analytical tools in the evaluation of riverine flooding, urban drainage/flood mitigation, hydraulic structures, flood control facilities, storm sewer systems, and erosion control measures. Hydraulic modeling and analyses of complex natural and manmade systems using both one-dimensional steady state, one-dimensional unsteady flow, and two-dimensional models and tools is a hallmark of our recognized expertise in the engineering and regulatory communities. Our engineering staff regularly applies the following hydraulic models and analytical tools in our work:


  • HEC-2
  • FLO-2D
  • River2D
  • HY-8
  • FlowMaster
  • StormCAD
  • WaterCAD
The following projects are a small sample of the studies and projects completed by ACE that have included hydraulic modeling and analyses: