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Hydrologic analyses / modeling (groundwater hydrology)

Many studies conducted by Anderson Consulting Engineers involve hydrologic analyses, including flood frequency determinations and flow duration analysis. Staff engineers are experienced in deterministic, empirical and stochastic analytical techniques. Specifically, the hydrologic analyses frequently require the application of procedures described in WRC Bulletin No. 17B, TP-40, HMR51 and HMR52. ACE has conducted numerous hydrologic studies requiring the development of models for water data management, integration of water data management systems and reservoir operation models, flood routing and optimization, including:

  • Flood Frequency Analysis
  • Rainfall/Runoff Modeling
  • Low Flow Investigations
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Drainage Studies

This work commonly involves the application of the following hydrologic models and tools:

  • CUHP
  • TR-20
  • TR-55

The following is a brief list of projects conducted by ACE with hydrologic modeling/analyses either as the primary focus, or as a supporting discipline for a larger project: