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Irrigation Supply Design and Construction Service

Based on the information provided during our planning efforts, services are often provided to support the development of design drawings and contract documents for construction of improvements.  Resident engineering services are also provided, as necessary.  Design and construction documents have been prepared for diversion structures, wasteway structures, check structures, drop structures, measurement structures, headgates, siphons, pump stations, pipelines, canal linings, and system automation.

Anderson Consulting Engineers has designed many unique irrigation related projects throughout Colorado and Wyoming in the last 20 years. Through our relationships with irrigation clients such as the Goshen Irrigation District, the Casper-Alcova Irrigation District, the Warren Lake Reservoir Company, and the Wheatland Irrigation District, we understand the key issues involved in the design, operation, and maintenance of both large and small irrigation systems.

Representative projects demonstrating our design and construction services include: