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Dams and Reservoirs

Anderson Consulting Engineers has performed all aspects of analysis, design, and permitting of low-head dams. Anderson Consulting Engineers’ analytical dam experience includes: Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) and Flood (PMF) development; Spillway Evaluations and Sizing; Incremental Damage Assessments (IDAs); Breach Analyses; Inundation Mapping; and Hazard Class Determination. ACE supports its clients through all the design phases including: initial sighting investigations; alternative evaluations; concept and preliminary design; and final design/permitting.

To complete dam facility designs, ACE works with a multi-disciplinary team of specialists with expertise in geotechnical and structural engineering to name a few. Typically our projects have to: address multiple objectives, meet various design criteria, and adhere to numerous overlapping jurisdictional regulations. Anderson Consulting Engineers’ core services in the areas of hydraulic/hydrologic engineering and floodplain mapping provide the foundation for developing accurate inundation mapping and preparing thorough Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) for the facility’s owner and the state regulatory agencies.

A sample of ACE’s analytical dam engineering projects includes:

The following projects exhibit ACE’s capabilities to complete dam and reservoir planning and designs: