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Levee / Floodwall Design

Anderson Consulting Engineers designed its first levee in the early 1990s on the Colorado River in Grand Junction, Colorado. Since then ACE has completed designs on two more levees [Timberline Road Levee (1997) and Oxbow Levee (2004)] on the Cache la Poudre River and one floodwall [Waterglen Floodwall (1999)] on the Cooper Slough all of which were located in the City of Fort Collins, Colorado. Recently ACE has completed the design for the rehabilitation of the 60-year old Templeton Gap Levee in Colorado Springs, Colorado.




Anderson Consulting Engineers and its multi-disciplinary team members have the capabilities to complete levee/floodwalls that are safe flood reduction facilities in the communities that they protect. We provide levee/floodwall design services starting with conceptual alternative evaluations, through permitting and construction, ending with accreditation of the facility by FEMA. Anderson Consulting Engineers’ specific areas of expertise relevant to levee/floodwall design include: hydraulic/hydrologic engineering; floodplain mapping; and drainage/civil design.



The following projects exhibit ACE’s broad capabilities to complete levee/floodwall analyses and designs: