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Stormwater Management

With over 20 years of continuous experience in completing stormwater management tasks, our history and experience in performing storm drainage master plan projects is unsurpassed.  Completing a master plan that includes all basins in the focus area involves the development of a planning document that would meet the following objectives:

  • Identify long-term capital improvements and rehabilitation measures for existing drainage system;
  • Be a tool for implementation of future improvements associated with new developments within the urban growth boundary;
  • Provide a basis for prioritizing and scheduling required improvements (implementation plan);
  • Provide the flexibility to implement improvements that afford flood protection while being cost effective; and
  • Address environmental, water quality, and recreational and open space and drainage corridor planning issues.

For each stormwater project that ACE has lead, the work effort included a review of previously inventoried structures and facilities, addition of new structures and facilities, development of updated hydrologic modeling using either the Colorado Urban Hydrograph Procedure (CUHP) or the EPA Stormwater Management Model (SWMM), hydraulic (HEC-RAS) modeling to determine floodplain and flooding extents, existing and future drainage problem locations, development/revision of drainage improvement plans including preparation of conceptual designs and cost estimates, and development of an implementation plan. Each basin implementation plan was reviewed and consolidated to develop a comprehensive implementation plan that prioritized individual improvements within each basin.

A sample of ACE stormwater management projects are: